Face it

you have to go down before you can come up

it is needed to confront the lie before you can embrace the Truth

what’s a little bit of pain in return for unending glory and everlasting peace?

silence doesn’t equate death and peace is not contentment

the stillness is dynamic yet the Being remains unmoved

But how will you know unless you remove the fear of being in the gap?

do it

Go beyond your thinking mind and live forever


thought is nothing but an escape from that



Drive your spikes into the centre of the earth

and raise your flapping arms towards the sky

If you wish you could give birth to yourself constantly

and all it takes for you would be to remember love in every moment

You have inside of you the teacher that teaches the teachers

so make good use of it

if you don’t it will be your biggest regret

nothing that ever came from there isn’t worth giving your life for

and do not fear asking for something more

this will be the way we reunite

and even then there is more to become

only fools think they have arrived

so how about cracking another shell?



individuality is not identity

the ego brought into balance exists in neutrality

a core evaporates and becomes all pervasive

silence sings its own song

and love reveals itself as all that is, all that was and all that will ever be

resistance is useless except as a device that keeps us from expanding all at once

and so is ignorance

labels cannot hide the essence,

but opinions and beliefs do,

negativity isn’t that negative unless believed in

it may take a soul an eon or two to come to understand

but in the end cannot be avoided

so end your apologizing, kiss your blue sky soul my friend

and drink your golden core

Your suffering trust me, will be no more


only a fool will choose to ignore

Nothing to add

Every morning we get born into our bodies again,

spring moves up our spine to fill us with delight

every moment already arrived complete


soon your golden glow will cover the globe

and you will infuse all with light


A New Possibility

Speak to me in ways unseen before

experience before knowledge

Make me loose my mind with a single whisper

I’ve opened wide and widen still

a single breath to last me a lifetime

a year lived in a single day

a single thought to blow all limitations away

no longer will I compromise


God is the music you feel inside

my volcano-friend,

and everything else as well


fell through the bottom of fear

things were never this clear

abiding is a fools game

growth doesn’t happen in paradise

broken open is where the beauty lies

shattered to the core is the only way to God

I fell through the bottom of my fear

and never ever was the Truth so clear


Take a Glance


in the mirror and see…

An earthquake and a tidal wave?

and… ?

the lamb of God maybe?

sure feels that way…


ok then…


a breeze or a hurricane?

What do you need?

a spiritual experience for breakfast anyone?

Lunch and dinner are also coming soon

I have lost the ruler to measure this

and care not to look for it

the suns’ heat courses through my vanes

I use my eyes for touching

And listen to the babble for something else




I speak,

1, 2 ,3

… and there it is

Let’s flower some more,

spring is coming early this year

just so you know




a victim finds a grain of courage in the middle of his solitude.

somewhere else another comes to see he will no longer compromise himself,

the same wave taken further

soon someone’s core will glow so that another’s shell can crack

more traveling

over here one takes his pain and forges the forger


a river deep and wide takes more water to the sea than a rushing creek

but that’s not the point necessarily

and neither is your evaporation



Stand Naked


and know the freedom that gives up on freedom

Stand naked

beyond time in causeless joy

reveal your primal spark for all to see

and be free of fear forever

after all,

you’ve gone that far already…